Thank you for visiting the BCK Arborist website. I’ve been in the tree service industry since I was upright and I’ve seen this industry evolve in Fairfield County. For the better and for the worse. Consequently, the equipment technology is incredible. It allows companies to safely increase production while reducing impact to the work site. The days of driving a big bucket truck over a manicured lawn are numbered.

However, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend in the industry throughout Fairfield County as well. Companies are sacrificing service and quality for business expansion. It’s rare to see a certified arborist working on the crew, and the quality of work leaves much to be desired. More often than not, I see the end result from these companies doing more harm than good for the trees.

In the tree service business, every cut counts. It’s a hazardous occupation and the trees aren’t the only liabilities. It’s critical to have trained and competent employees with an acute attention to detail and safety. Experienced companies are aware of the hazards each job presents and plan accordingly.

BCK Arborist is a small, efficient and safe outfit. I’m a certified Connecticut arborist and I am on every single job ensuring safety and quality control. I understand the importance of quality equipment and labor and will continue to invest in each. I maintain complete liability insurance for property and employees as well. Unlike the large cooperate companies, I’m not driving by sales commissions and able to maintain competitive rates.