Planting Services

BCK Arborist provides realistic and straight forward planting, design and installation services through out Fairfield County. We enjoy the work and finding effective solutions to the challenges that arise with enhancing the landscape. We don’t push expensive design work because most of the time it isn’t required. Our experience, knowledge and eye for the landscape delivers exceptional results every time.

Planting Process

Effective plantings start with a realistic plan. This means a plan that is on budget but also practical to the environment being restored. All plants will thrive in different ecosystems and it’s critical to choose the right plant. Environmental conditions such as sun and wind exposure, soil characteristics and available water must be identified before choosing plants.Choosing the proper plants requires extensive knowledge of plant characteristics and physiology. Whether for screening, foundations, large trees, ornamental or garden plantings, every plant will have its own place in the landscape. It’s about picking the right ones so they survive and thrive.

Not every plant is equal, consequently plants are graded from the growers based on quality. It’s critical to know the difference and even more important to know which growers and nurseries have the highest quality plant stock available. An effective design requires time to shop around for the best specimens. At the end of the day you need a trusted professional to choose these plants wisely.

Last but not least, is executing proper planting practices. Digging a hole at the correct depth, back filling with an organic rich soil blend, utilizing appropriate fertilizers and spacing plants properly to allow them to grow into the landscape are essential cultural practices.

Juts as important as the planting process is the maintenance after. New plantings are sensitive to environmental stress and require periodic inspections and maintenance even over a year after installation.

A well thought out planting will provide endless benefits to you and your landscape. A poorly designed planting will quickly be the opposite.

Planting a black pine hedge in Darien Connecticut