BCK Arborist provides the best naturally seasoned firewood throughout Fairfield County. It’s better than kiln dried wood!

Seasoned Firewood in Fairfield County. Weston Connecticut
Premium firewood delivered through out Fairfield County

Our Process for Seasoned Firewood in Fairfield County

You can be confident that we split only premium seasoned hardwoods, which are locally harvested through out Fairfield Country, such as oak, maple and hickory and not have to worry about big, chunky pieces. All our seasoned firewood is split into consistent and easy to handle 16 inch pieces. Furthermore, our seasoned firewood is always split during the previous winter to ensure it seasons for a full year. Not just for the summer like most companies in Fairfield County. Once split, the seasoned firewood is stacked and covered with clear plastic tarps that keeps water out but lets the sunlight in. Only covering the tops of the piles allows for proper ventilation through the sides.

A cord of wood measures 4 x 4 x 8 feet. Or 128 cubic feet. Don’t be fooled by other companies in Fairfield County. A face cord is a third of a cord, not a half cord. Pre-marked delivery trucks allow for easy measuring while we load to ensure full and accurate quantities. We’ll either dump at a desired location or neatly stack the firewood.

What is Seasoned Firewood and why does it Matter?

Seasoned firewood will have a moisture content of 20% or less. However, because water bonds so tightly to wood molecules it is impossible to dry out 100% of the moisture. The lower the moisture content the faster and easier seasoned firewood will burn, but there are also several other important factors as well. Consequently, seasoned firewood will burn hotter and safer. A hot fire with seasoned firewood will burn more efficient and cleaner. This means it will burn off particles in the wood stove instead of them going up the chimney or stove pipe, which has several major benefits. First, reducing un-burned particles exiting the woodstove drastically improves emssions and reduces pollution. Second, a hotter fire will greatly reduce creosote deposits in the chimney or stove pipe. Excessive creosote is extremely dangerous and can lead to chimney fires. Cleaning the chimney annually is strongly recommended.

In the Northeast, only hardwoods should be used as firewood. Below is a chart showing the heat values of common hardwoods in Fairfield County measured in BTUs.

Species of WoodBTUs
Rock Elm32,000
Shagbark Hickory30,600
White Oak30,600
Bitternut Hickory29,200
Sugar Maple29,000
Red Oak27,300
Yellow Birch26,200
Red Elm25,400
White Ash25,000
White Elm24,500
Red Maple24,000
Black Cherry23,500
White Birch23,400
Black Ash22,600
Green Ash22,100
Silver Maple21,700

Why is it better than kiln dried wood?

First off, does it really make sense to heat firewood before you use it? It’s not very practical or sustainable. Furthermore, it’s expensive and wastefully uses alternative energy. Defeating the whole purpose of firewood, or known as a biomass heat source, being a renewable energy. We’ve been splitting firewood and refining our drying process passionately for decades and guarantee that our wood is better than kiln dried wood. Your wallet will appreciate it and you’ll be content knowing that every piece you burn is naturally seasoned by the sun. The way it’s suppose to be.

Seasoned Firewood Pricing

Free local delivery. All firewood orders are cash on delivery.

Full Cord – $275

Half Cord – $175

Stacking and delivery pricing varies depending on location

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