Preserving Trees in Fairfield County by Certified Arborist. Newtown and Weston Connecticut

BCK Arborist practices arboriculture to the highest standards throughout Fairfield County and Weston & Newtown Connecticut.

Tree Care in Weston Connecticut and Fairfield County
Large Shade Tree Pruning

Proper pruning is critical in preserving and prolonging tree life. However, many companies in Fairfield County, Weston and Newtown Connecticut fundamentally do not understand the basic practices of performing it. Knowledge of tree biology, corrective cutting practices, non invasive action and experience are paramount. Effective pruning will remove compromised limbs, promote ideal branch structure, reduce canopy weight and increase air flow. However, improper techniques will produce irreversible damage and severe tree decline. You only get one chance to make the right cut, make sure you hire an arborist in Fairfield County.

Ornamental Pruning

Maintaining canopy, size and shape protects valuable ornamental trees from extensive growth, poor branch structure and destructive heavy snow loads. A keen eye, extensive tree knowledge, proper cutting practices and experience will maintain ornamental tree health and aesthetics.

Cabling and Bracing

Coupled with pruning, cabling and bracing is extremely effective at supporting faulty crotches while maintaining tree shape and the canopy. Most tree failures occur in faulty crotches which develop over time and are prone to split under heavy winds and snow. Cabling is a time consuming task utilizing extra heavy duty hardware. However, done correctly will promote years of healthy life in otherwise compromised trees.

Insect & Disease Management

Insects and diseases can be controlled either by preventative or reactive practices. Often times reactive measures are sufficient to contain insect outbreaks if tolerance levels are exceeded. However, due to the mobility of spores, fungal issues will require multiple preventive sprays for effective control. Controlling pest requires an integrated pest management approach. This correctly identifies the pest and then instilling the correct cultural practices to eliminate the problem.